Coup: Clash of Gods


My group mates and I did not waste time in choosing a game to twist around and to add our own touch to it. The game we chose was coup and our game is called Coup: Clash of Gods.

Sun God Ra

What is Coup: Clash of Gods

Similar to the original Coup game which was released in 2012, our game is a war and strategy card game. Our game is set in a time where the borders between the realms (Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece) and the gods from these realms battle it out for total control.

Our game is played between three to seven players and to keep the traditional genre of the original coup, we made it a family and party game, and for people over the age of 13. However, our game lasts a bit longer than coup at about 20-25 minutes per round.

Why did we make this game?

We were heavily influenced by Coup. We fell in love with the game while playing it during the game play exercises analysis between weeks one to three of the semester. So it was a no brainer for us to choose Coup as the focus of our group project.

What is including in Coup: Clash of Gods

Our game comes with a total of:

  • 28 cards
  • 7 summary cards
  • 50 coins
  • Instructions

In the deck of cards, we have a total of 10 characters and each character has three copies except for one, which is considered as our “Joker Card” or rare card in this instance. And just like coup, we have summary cards in which players can refer to at any time during the game to keep track of what is going on and to help them fully understand the characters and their abilities.

While deciding on the characters and their abilities, we did a background research on Ancient Egyptian and Greek gods through numerous articles and websites to understand them better. After much discussion amongst ourselves, we decided to have five gods from each side. The characters consists of

  • Seth (God of Tricks)
  • Anubis (God of the Dead)
  • Osiris (God of the Underworld)
  • Horus (God of War and Sky)
  • Ra (God of Sun)
  • Athena (Goddess of Reason, War and Wisdom)
  • Zeus (God of Thunder)
  • Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt)
  • Ares (God of War)
  • Poseidon (God of Sea)


Our work throughout the project was divided equally. We all worked on the slides together at the same time while searching and reading the background stories of our God characters.

For the live presentation, I was tasked with introducing the Egyptian God characters and their abilities in the game, and I presented a part of the rules where I talk about the challenging action in our game and provided an example for our audience to help them have a better understanding of the concept and our game.

As for my group mates:

Mariella talked about the rules of the game such as the amount of players that can be involved, the players objective, the materials included as well as how the game is set-up. She went on to talk about an action called “Blocking” and gave an example for the audience.

Gio was in charge of starting the presentation off by introducing our game to our audience and why we chose this game. Furthermore, he also explained the mechanics behind the game.

KB was tasked with explaining our summary card and the design of it. Moreover, she shared the results of our play testing we had amongst ourselves and with another group.

Simran introduced the audience our card designs, as well as our token (Coin) design and the inspiration behind it. She then went on in details as to the why she chose specific drawings, symbols and logos for our characters cards.

Vicky had the same responsibility as I did and introduced the Greek Gods that are chosen for our game. She also mentioned their actions and counteractions and what it meant.

Don’t forget to check out the video down below; hope you enjoy it! And feel free to check my group mates blog posts as well!

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